CATNAP configuration instructions

0) if you get stuck here, or if this app doesn't work:

   - go to
     there might be an update or a better explanation

1) shut down and exit napster

2) install and launch catnap

   - to launch catnap, run the "CatNap (Napster Proxy)" shortcut 
     found in the start menu in programs 

3) launch napster

4) right-click on the icon in the tray to swich between scramble mode and passive (normal) mode.

**) um, isn't this app open-source?

sure. at some point the code will be installable, but it's kind of late
tonight. maybe the next version. for now, the source is up on the
web site mentioned above in step 0.

***) how do i know that it's working?

mouse over the funky catnap icon in your system trey. if it says 
"CatNap: Client Connected" when napster thinks that it's connected to
a server, you're good to go. Otherwise your hosts file setup might have not

****) i use this app but can't find much, what's up?

congratulations, you must be one of our early adopters. be patient and
as more and more people run catnap proxies for their napster clients
more and more content will appear on the network

*****) something's wrong, or i think i found a bug

woo-hoo. honestly, that's cool. please go to the web site and click the
email link to submit a bug report to us.